Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Makes good beer taste that much better.

Brewery: Clown Shoes (but brewed at/by Mercury Brewing Co.)
Location: Ipswitch, MA
Name: Lubrication
Type: American Black Ale
ABV: 6.0%
Purchased from: Total Wine & More, Va Beach
Price: Less than $2.

I can't tell you why I was tempted to buy a beer called "Lubrication." Not because it is some salacious temptation or anything like that. I just honesty can not think of a reason for me to pick this up and take it home with me. For the record, I'm not the biggest fan of clowns. But I do like black ales and I do enjoy trying new beers from breweries I have never encountered so this fit the bill. Lubrication (as I refuse to call it lube) is a nice shade of the opposite of bright. This is as black as a beer can get. I had expect to see some shade of dark brown or red when I held it up to a light source but, alas, no lights shone through. The head puffed up to a nice shade of light peanut butter before dissolving into a thin layer that spread to the edges of the glass. The nose is pretty solid. You get a healthy dose of roasted, almost borderline burnt malt. The hops play up nicely with a robust pine flavor and there is the nice touch of sweetness to the back end of the bouquet. What joy I had for the aromas was quickly diminished upon ingesting. The body is water thin and heavily carbonated. While full of roasted flavors and bitterness there is little to no sweetness to balance it out. This is full on cold coffee with a shot of bitter hops. Now I know I have said similar things about different beers in the past and meant it as a compliment. But here, I just feel like I'm being assaulted with "HEY LOOK! ROASTED MALT!" The finish is shockingly dry when compared to how wet the beer feels while you're drinking it. There's a lingering "bad cigar" taste in the back of my throat, as well. It all paints a pretty vivid picture of a clown chewing on a big stogie wearing a stained wife-beater and dilapidated clown shoes drinking a can of beer that's labeled "XXX." Kind of like the Sublime ghetto clown, but wearing a shirt...and without the bong. The label proclaims this ale is brewed with "natural flavors." I don't like such vague descriptions when it comes to what's put into beer. Like my dad always says "Shit has a natural flavor." I generally don't like urging people to stay away from beers but if you've had black ales like Bashah (rest in peace you black demon) or Yakima Glory from Victory or even Snow Day from New Belgium then I suggest you pass on Lubrication. I'm now realizing how that sounds and I'm refusing to change it.

Hop on the good foot and do the bad thing.

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