Thursday, February 24, 2011

Moo Thunder was my wrestling nickname in highschool.

Brewery: Butternuts Beer & Ale
Location: Garrattsville, NY
Name: Moo Thunder
Type: Milk Stout
ABV: 4.9%
For the record, I did not wrestle in high school. I practiced to wrestle in junior high. But I dislocated my shoulder during the second (or so) practice which spared me from having to deal with the embarrassment of having to wear a singlet. That being said...this beer cost me one American dollar and fifty American cents! Yes! Twelve ounces for a buckfiddy. And the name was just too hard to pass up. Plus...Butternuts is the name of the brewery? Ok, I'm in. Moo Thunder looks exactly like you would expect a stout of the milk variation to look like. That fine mix of swirling darkness that borders on the line of watered down tar. The head reminded me of cookie dough. I was excited because Moo Thunder looked relatively chewy or "full bodied" for the layperson. The bouquet was pretty standard stout fare...bitter roasted malt yet this one had a slightly milky-sweet undertone to it. Expecting motor oil, I instead got a fairly carbonated and dry finishing beer. The taste was malty and roasty like a bitter cup of coffee. There's nothing mind blowing about Moo Thunder and the overall flavor profile isn't terribly overpowering or confusing. I can honestly say that this beer is alright. Don't get me wrong, this beer is a pretty tasty bargain at $1.50 which is more than what can be said for a beer like Natty.
Ya know, Cock Lightning Stout just wouldn't have sounded right.

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